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The Rams

2016 fall born ram lambs w studs
June 2014 - Fall Born Ram Lambs flanked by Studs CLF 1X & CLF 419B

We carry at least 3 different blood lines which makes it possible for our many repeat buyers to continue with a Century Lane breeding program year after year.

Our home-grown studs have been selected for their excellent conformation, with long, thick bodies, depth of hind quarters and correct leg structure.

They continue to produce exceptional ram lambs that exemplify the Polled Dorset breed characteristics.

Foundation Sires

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CLF 701T (2007) Genotyped RR

This home grown stud’s progeny have deep roots in our flock & many other flocks from coast to coast in Canada. Best known for his tremendous length & depth of hind quarter. We are currently using a grandson at stud.

CLF 1X (2010) Genotyped RR

This home grown stud represents the ideal breed type & conformation we strive for. Long, thick body with correct leg structure at each corner & a perfect Dorset head (medium length, broad muzzle & short ears covered with white hair). Many of his daughters are currently in our flock.

CLF 955G (2019) Genotyped RR

Unfortunately, we lost this grandson of CLF 701T in an accident this past winter. We have kept a 2022 fall-born replacement to carry on with the same attributes… tremendous length, depth & breed characteristics. These traits were accentuated from his Grand Dam who was the twin sister to CLF 1X

Stud Rams

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CLF 843F (2018) Genotyped RR

Sire of most of our best lambs in 2021 including Century Lane ‘Dignified’ 127J, the top selling ram at the 2022 Canadian Classic Sale. This ram benefits from the breed characteristics of his maternal grandsire CLF 1X

CLF 261K (2022) Genotyped RR

We are keeping this young ram lamb based on his depth of pedigree! His Great Grandsire CLF 701T (Foundation Sire) had tremendous length, depth & breed characteristics. This ram lamb is the maternal half-brother to Century Lane ‘Dignified’ 127J. See this buck’s terrific Genovis data.

CLF 246K (2022) Genotyped RR

Another well Pedigreed stud potential we are going to use on a group of pedigree matched ewes. Dad always said: ‘Keep the best, sell the rest’

PRS 48K (2022) Genotyped QR

Introducing Prairie Rose 48K (aka Klint). We have added this third bloodline to our flock, from Clint Wiens of Alberta. We have been watching the Prairie Rose flock for several years because they check all the boxes for Dorset physical attributes… thick bodies, wide loins & deep buttocks. The Wiens flock is also Maedi Visna negative.

We are excited to see the arrival of his first lambs in April 2023, from a group of select ewes from our two other bloodlines. Stay posted!